Trailer Choices

Instead of tolerating the bad smell and experience of a Porta Potty™, have the best bathrooms available for your wedding or event. Click on each photo to see a larger version.

Feel free to browse the different sizes of restroom trailers that we offer.

We presently offer two sizes of portable restroom trailers. All of our trailers are 8'4" wide (the largest width allowed over the road). Our smallest trailer is 10 feet long and has two complete individual bathrooms. Both bathrooms contain the exact same components and amenities, however the configurations are slightly different if you're really paying close attention. This unit will easily accommodate up to 100 guests at an event with heavy usage (such as a wedding with dinner and drinks).

To see pricing along with amenities of this trailer click right here.

Our larger unit is 17' in length and is divided into two separate sections for Men/Women. The Women's side has 3 individual stalls and 2 sinks. The Men's side has 2 urinals, 1 stall, and a sink. This unit will accommodate 150-250+ guest with moderate to heavy usage. If you would like to see all the amenities of this restroom click here.